Tigers Tae Kwon Do 

About Taekwondo
What is Tae Kwon Do?
Tae Kwon Do began in Korea over 2000 years ago as an elite form of hand-to-hand combat. Now over 20 million practitioners in 140 countries enjoy the benefits of Tae Kwon Do. It teaches that true competition is within yourself and not against others. You measure success by striving to be better today than you were yesterday; and tomorrow better than today. For those interested in competing, there are competitions at State, National, and Olympic levels.

How does Tae Kwon Do help?
Tae Kwon Do training is suited to people of all ages. It develops character, self-control, and confidence. Physically, it increases agility, coordination, power, and flexibility. The increases made in mental and physical performance carry over into daily life, school, and work. In addition, the Tae Kwon Do student will learn a system of defenses unequaled by any other.

Ten Commandments of Tae Kwon Do
Be loyal to your country.
Be a good son or daughter to your parents.
Be faithful to your spouse.
Be on good terms with your brothers and sisters.
Be loyal to your friends.
Be respectful to your elders.
Respect and trust your teachers.
Use good judgment before killing any living things.
Never retreat in battle.
Always finish what you started. 

Tigers Tae Kwon Do
162 Summerhill Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732) 651-1111

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